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Create your own fun quiz based apps with cool features like answer rankings!

Trivia Games

Create your own questions and challenge your friends to some fun trivia!

True or False Game

Build your own true or false trivia, quizzes, games or tests easily in minutes. Good game ideas!

Questions Game

Put together a list of questions, requests, trivia, charades, dares, etc. in this list based app.

Truth or Dare

Are your friends always asking you for crazy dares? Show off and make your own Truth or Dare app!


Easily make your own novel e-Book, blog, diary, articles collection, or text based apps.

Quotes & Jokes

Feature your favorite texts, quotes, jokes, recipes or articles in your very own iphone and ipod app.

Photo Gallery

Create your own app to browse or display your own photos with a fun close up zoom feature.

Radio Station

Make your own radio alarm clock and wake up to your own web radio station.

Comic Book

Make an app featuring your pictures in a fun comic flip-book format.

Music and Sounds

Add your music or sound effects into a soundboard app application. Play sample songs or sound effects.